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About Demos Exhibition



Since the establishment of Demos Exhibition Co. in 1993, the company provides organization services to all professionals in order to facilate the promotion and marketing efforts of Turkey's and surrounding regions leading sectors and have them get the chance of meeting with global business opportunities directly.


As a part of its mission, Demos Exhibition Co. supports and contributes the nations's economy and also efforts to create new employment fields through  its specialized staffs and acumulation of years of experience and knowledge. During the development of the company it has quickly and effectively adopted to each individual sector dealt with and met their needs by increasing their quality, effectivness and efficiency which consequently made Demos Exhibition Co. one of the leading companies in this field of work.


Taking long-term projects and continuously developing its professional service approach as its main mission which it has been always loyal to, Demos Exhibition Co. aiming to improve its day by day increasing level to higher points by meeting the needs of many other sectors and targets of the individuals in a manner that would set examples.


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